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For non-Japanese, doing business here in Japan can be complex and difficult to understand, especially the Japanese tax system. It is important to get tax advice from Japanese tax experts, as personal and corporate tax laws are complicated and constantly changing.

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Tax advice

You may not need an accountant right now but have questions about the tax issues in Japan. Why don't you try and have tax advice? A Japanese tax expert will help you understand your tax position in Japan.

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Tax preparation

If you need our help in preparing your tax returns, we are happy to help you. We offer customized tax planning and tax preparation services for you and your business so you can make smart decisions.

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Living abroad?

Don't worry. We offer online accounting and taxation services. We can manage everything by email from tax advice to tax preparation. We can offer tax agent services for overseas residents as well. Please contact us for details.

And more...

We offer whichever services you need. You may do some by yourself and need only tax returns or may need all requirements for relevant matters.

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Investment in Japan

We offer rental property accounting services. An annual profit / loss statement is prepared together with the client’s personal tax return. Guidance is given to property owners on expenses which can be claimed as well.

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Income Tax Refund

You can still claim your tax refund up to five years. The amount of tax refund depends on the withholding tax you paid and other factors. Please contact us for details.

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New Business Setup

When starting a business in Japan, it must be determined how the business is to be run. There are 2 basic types of companies you can start - a Goudou Kaisha (GK) or a Kabushiki Kaisha (KK). We are happy to help you setup your business.

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Clear & No Hidden Fees

Sometimes the accountants charge the fees based on time and the total fees are unknown until you receive the invoices. Our fee system is clear and has no hidden additional charge. Please contact us for an estimate.

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